Presse – Die Odyssee (The Odyssey)


Die Odyssee (The Odyssey), Schauspielhaus Wien, 2021

Tell me, about a complicated man, muse, tell me, how he wandered and was lost.

(Emily Wilson)

The unknowability of the future has always puzzled our fragile minds, this harrowing failure of divine rank. And seldom has the future been so distorted, so indistinct as it is today. And seldom have the adventures of the Odyssey been more improbable. A Europe full of couch potatoes sits around in the booth, foggy and frightened. What will the world look like after the pandemic? It is the unpredictability of tomorrow that has driven man into the arms of the gods. If he were not afraid, man would independently face the unfathomable existence of his existence. But did he manage this only once, for a single day? "The Odyssey" remains an irrepressible hope for courage, for freedom and security, for embarrassment, adventure and a new beginning. It is the stormy hope for a self that we will never give up in spite of everything.

Premiere on 19.5.2021 at Schauspielhaus Wien. Further performances on 20.05., 21.05., 22.05., 25.05, and between 30.06. and 08.07.2022.

With Judith Altmeyer, Simon Bauer, Jacob Bussmann, Sebastian Schindegger, Til Schindler. Direction: Jan Philipp Stange und Jakob Engel, music: Jacob Bussmann, dramaturgy: Lucie Ortmann, lights: Oliver Mathias Kratochwill, direction assistant: Johanna Mitulla.